Austrian Alps

       Welcome in Austrian Alps !!!!

Situated in the hearth of Europa.

Austria have a wealthy heritage notably because of this landscape and tradition.

Come and visit the Sissi’s country with the magnificent Alpine nature.

If you dream about charming resorts with authentic and picturesque villages.

The Austrian Alps can offer you that and more than you think with fantastic après ski.

Many mountain lover and backpacker come every year to seeing baroque castle and picturesque cottage like a fairy tale.

Austria is also the birthplace of music with the famous city of Salzbourg where Mozart was born.Preserved nature and mountain with plenty of ski resorts will give you all the pleasure can offer to you.

The typical food will seduce you around the fire place to enjoy a delicious Wiener Schnitzel. Another typical austrian dish is Knödel. Typical Austrian chalet is usually recover with plenty of flowers on the balcony.

Do you know the word “Schuss” come to Austria and mean fire , the coach used to say that when the skier start his race.

Austria Alps and regions :


Around three quarters of Austria is covered with Austrian Alps but the population of this country is big as London.

The highest peak is Grossglockner 3 798 m (12,460 ft) between the region of Carinthie and Salzbourg. The famous Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse is the highest road of the Austrian Alps 2,504 m (8,215 ft). Here you can enjoy the lovely landscape and usually several marmots.

Salzbourg (Grossvenediger, 3 662 m, 12,014 ft)
Vorarlberg (Piz Buin, 3 312 m, 10,866 ft)
Tyrol (Grossglockner, 3 798 m, 12,461 ft)
Styrie (Hoher Dachstein, 2 996 m, 9,826 ft)
Carinthie (Grossglockner, 3 798 m, 12,461 ft)
Upper-Austria (Hoher Dachstein, 2 996 m, 9,826 ft)
Lower-Austria (Schneeberg, 2 077 m, 6,811 ft)


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