Jura Mountains


jura-vintageThe Jura mountains about two-hours away from Chamonix, what it has to offer is unique.

The succession of valleys and high-plateaux are beautiful mountain and bring you directly fresh air for relaxing time.

The charm in the Jura mountains is in what small stations offer tradition and relaxation far away from bigger ski resorts in the Alps.

The most important thing about the Jura mountains is that their charming ski resorts. The amazing landscape and lovely atmosphere in a rustic authenticity.

Geneva airport is the easy way to access at the Jura mountains in the border of France and Switzerland. About one hour away from Geneva by car.

Different road are possible but the Col de la Faucille is the most stunning view.   On a clear day you can see all the Alps and the Geneva Lake. This is the higest access point by car to the Jura mountains.

The Europe´s finest cross-country skiing


montagnes du jura-posterIf the downhill is fun, the cross-country skiing is world-class in the Jura mountains. All the level are there , not only for amateurs but also by the training for the olympic french team of cross-country skiing.

You will find the Europe’s finest cross-country trails.   The Grande Traversée du Jura called (GTJ)  , composed of four villages (Lamoura, Prémanon, Les Rousses and Bois-d’Amont). It is approximately 150 miles of trails but the region have 2,000 miles of cross-country ski trails.

The trail is well maintained and offer for classic and skating techniques great pleasure of sliding through this wooded region. Just in front of your door , you have access direct of the network of cross-country trails.

Enjoy a cross-country skiing through the forests.

You will feel in harmony with preserved and wild nature through of the oldest fir trees and pure white snow beside the track.The only people you can see is people on snow shoes. Or if you are lucky wild animals and the only sound are the squeaks of your skis on the fresh snow.paysage-neige-jura

The tiny village Chapelle-des-Bois is the most charming place for the cross-country skiing with 90 miles of trails in this only village including prairie and wood. You can also enjoy sled-dog racing directly in this village and have a tour with a guide.

The annual 76km Transjurassienne race is the biggest event in the region in February, one of the classic cross-country ski marathons.

Enjoy alpine skiing


The downhill skiing here is never too hard, although there are a few black runs around the surrounding mountains. The highest peak is La Dôle (1,677m), straddling the French-Swiss border. This Ski resorts suit for all levels of skiers and snowboarders and are an ideal place for children to start skiing.

If you cross the famous Joux valley where come from the most luxurious swiss watches all around the world, you will be in Metabief.

Métabief is famous for mountain biking,with the 1993 world championships.

Its downhill skiing is the Jura’s second-biggest alpine ski resort, with a peak of 1840 feet.

Food tradition in Jura


The Jura is the coldest area in France but have lots of food recipes to keep you warm. Isolated farmhouses and friendly people will provide you delicious meal.

Take the opportunity to try the best local product with an explosion of flavour, the cheeses are the key of this region Morbier and Comté.chalet-jura

But also Arbois wine, Macvin, yellow wine, blueberry pie, Morteau sausage, local morels, honey beer, Mont d’Or and the extraordinary “liqueur de sapin” a fir tree alcohol a kind of absinthe.

Enjoy fresh air and fun of this amazing Jura Mountains regional park and friendly atmosphere, the great food, and the fun skiing.

More information in the official website of Jura Tourism  Click here

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