The Matterhorn marks the broder between Italy and Switzerland. The original german name Matterhorn derives from the words “meadow” and “peak.” The Italian name is Cervino or French name is Cervin likely originated with the Latin word for forest.


The famous peak is like a emblem in Switzerland and also the logo of the famous chocolate brand “Toblerone“. This is a mix between the original brand « Tobler » et the word « Torrone », a italian speciality  with nougat , honey and almond.

A few figures about Matterhorn



–  365 days per year is possible to skiing in Matterhorn paradise

–  300 sunny days per year in this valley , the lowest amount of rainfall in Switzerland

–  4477,5 m /14692 ft , altitude above the sea level from the Matterhorn summit

–  3260 m/10695 ft altitude of the Hörnli Hut , starting point for the climbing way in swiss side

–  550 , the number of dead mountain climber in Matterhorn. ( 442 Swiss side ; 115 Italian side)

–  6 hours, the average lenght to climb from Hörnli Hut to the summit with good weather

2h57 the speed record to access the Matterhorn summit from the Zermat village (Church)

–  05.08.1881 , this day was the ascension to Cervin summit of the futur american president Theodore Roosevelt

Sports entertainment


The conquest of the Matterhorn punctuates an exceptional year in the Alps.


Not less than sixty five virgin summit are climbed in 1865, a record.

After 1854, increasing gentlemen to Zermatt, Chamonix and Grindelwald. Sometimes alone, most of the time accompanied by guides, they climb up peaks and mountain sides of the highest mountains. This period marks essentially a new state of mind. The science is not any more the only justification admitted by this conquest.

After that mountain climbing is like a game, sports entertainment.

Alpine Club is established in London in 1857, this adventurers’ circle of gentlemen includes the elite of the British society who like climbing summits.
They named the Matterhorn as ” a sugarloaf knocked on one side “. This mountain gave a desire to reach glaciers and peaks of the Alps.

In 1865 , a british named Edward Whymper will make a success to climbing from Hörnli hut to the top of the Matterhorn. He will be the first man. According to him: ” this mountain side is one of the most beautiful examples of deceive the eye “. The optical illusions dissapear on the condition of approaching.


The most dangerous mountain in Switzerland


The accidents frequency varie from one year to year, according to weather report and snow.

Bad year, Matterhorn can record about ten fatal accidents , according to the team of the help of Zermatt.

cervin-soleilThe Matterhorn is often underestimated.

Ascent is long and the weather report changes too fast. When a climber moves away of his itinerary , he puts himself in danger. First-aid workers regret an evolution that the mobile phone persuades some that they are safe because they will be helped. That is wrong and this state of mind is so dangerous.

The death roams around the Matterhorn, this mountain counts a record in Switzerland.  The number of death is more than 500.

Matterhorn Direct


150th anniversary of the Matterhorn first ascent has been celebrated.

A preparation with a great show: the ascent of the Matterhorn filmed in live.

Matterhorn Direct ” is a crazy logistic adventure. Fifteen tons of material are transported by helicopters of the army in the Hörnli’s hut. The starting point of the ascent.

Guides of Zermatt are mobilized for forwarding, on the mountain seven cameras and equipment intended for the broadcasting.

Famous climbers are invited.

Below enjoy a human bird around the Matterhorn :

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