Ski Trail Ratings

Ski trails

It is easy to get lost in the city so that there are signs everywhere , skiing runs are similar.

Known the signs and how to read the signs. This is that we are proposing to you for a good orientation and never get lost. See in the ski run , these markings for skiing , snowboard , hiking , snowshoeing or cross-country skiing trails.

You will see the difference between European and American ski trails ratings.

Are you sure you know the difference between them?

European Ski Run Difficulty Rating :

European Ski Trails

U.S and Canadian Ski Run Difficulty Rating :

U.S and Canadian Ski Run Difficulty Rating

Green Circles

Trails marked with green circles are the easiest runs.
These trails are wide with a slope gradient of less than 20%.

 Blue Squares

Trails with blue squares indicate intermediate level.
Grades of 20 to 40 %, these ski runs are the most used.

Black Diamonds

Ski trails marked with a black diamond are difficult,
Grade of more than 40 percent.

Double black diamond

Trails with Double black diamond is for expert.
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