Davos Klosters


Davos is a beautiful place to spend the winter holidays.

The old mountain resort, located at 1560 meters.

This resort has little by little developed as a center of winter holidays in a beautiful environment.

Davos is in a large valley nearly 20 miles long. The mountain chain offers beginners and experienced skiers exceptional tracks.

Do not hesitate to take a ski holiday Davos!

Especially nice is also the Jakobshorn mountain along the ski runs for different levels.

A ski vacation in Davos allow you to enjoy the greatest descent: 12 km long, the top of the Weissfluh to Küblis.

Every Friday, it is also possible to ski all night in Davos!

The ski resorts Pischa, Madrisa and Rinerhorn particularly stand to host families. Different ski schools offer courses for children and they can progress and develop their technique.

Cross-country skiing and hiking


The cross-country skiing are a real pleasure for the classic skiing and skate skiing. The track-set and ski trails of the ski resort of Davos are constantly tracked over a total distance of 75 km.

Junkerboden, and Wildboden Frauenkirch are particularly pleasant.

Some would like to offer a day of break from the slopes of Davos.                       Thery also there are hiking trails of nearly 100 km.

Enjoy the winter and the view that awaits you around the ski cottages in Davos.



Davos is also the name of a famous wood sledge and the first official toboggan competition was held in this region.

Davos Klosters is the paradise for the toboggan with 9 runs including the longest descent of 8.5 km.

There is the legendary night tobogganing every Friday and Wednesday evening.


More information in the official website of Davos here Click here.

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